Friday Faves: Another Week at Under Solen

Happy Friday and welcome to our weekly wrap-up, otherwise known as Friday Faves!

We’ve had a busy week here at Under Solen, with a lot of early morning business calls. So early that the coffee shop wasn’t even open… bad planning on our part. Speaking of coffee shops, we wanted to give you a little insight to our local digs. Not only does it serve the Falafel Waffle (we haven’t tried it yet, but Emily already gives it the thumbs up), you can also order yourself some good jello shots. We’re definitely feeling a falafel + jello shot dinner date coming on, any takers?

But onto the important business… here were some of our favorite things this week:

Giant Redwoods Photo Essay – These photos make us want to jump in the car and road trip down south immediately. Speaking of wanderlust, The Wild Image Project 2010 Expedition: Endangered Argentina combines travel, conservation and art, our three favorite things! In the world of new media, we’re digging Simple Earth Media, as the team calls it, “New Media Making a Difference” … we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Along those lines, if you’re a non-profit and haven’t jumped on the new media bandwagon, here’s some help on launching an iPhone app. And while we’re still on the subject of new media, no matter how much we like being connected (we do make a business of it), just keep in mind that what happens on Facebook stays on Facebook.

Here in Oregon it’s been dumping snow up at the mountain, and that gets us thinking about cold weather activities, which you always need a good recipe to go with. We dig the Quinoa Spice Cake, Anna’s very own creation. Perfect with a hot toddy. And when you need to gear up for a salmon court battle. And last but not least, simply for some educational amusement: Did You Know Snake River Salmon Do it at Altitude?

Under Solen wishes you a fabulous weekend!


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