Support Research on Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

Our addiction to single-use plastics is leaving us with a severe problem of plastic pollution. The more plastic we consume, the more makes its way down the waste stream and ends up in our oceans. This is creating a severe problem not only for the health of marine life, but also our very own. The Algalita Marine Research Foundation has been doing a lot of good work in this realm, having traveled to and done extensive research in the North Pacific Gyre (otherwise known as the trash vortex), and in early 2010 they’ll be sailing to the Atlantic Gyre to continue their research. Chair of the Portland Surfrider Chapter, Stiv Wilson, has been invited to come along on the research mission.

Wilson will be giving the mission a strong media voice, writing for his own publication Wend Magazine, as well as Surfrider, Huffington Post and beyond.

But he needs your support! Head on over to the incredible funding platform Kickstarter to learn more about Wilson’s journey and make a contribution. He needs to raise $3,500 before December 25th. Make a contribution (even as little as $20 helps out) and feel good knowing that you’re supporting research that will affect our future. Click here to help out.


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