Friday Faves: Salmon, Elephants and Turkeys

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hopefully you all got to enjoy the day with family and friends and plentiful amounts of good food and wine. Here at Under Solen we’re taking full advantage of eating pumpkin pie, enjoying the last of the fall colors and taking a break after a long and very busy week.

Here were some of this week’s favorites:

We kicked off the week by attending court with Save Our Wild Salmon; we’re not sure where the plan is going to go from here, but we’re hoping it incorporates a bit more science that actually benefits the fish. Speaking of saving animal species, we learned this week that our friend Trip Jennings with the Epicocity Project won a $10,000 grant to fund the Elephant Ivory Project, an expedition that will take place next fall and involve tracking elephants to identify ivory poaching hotspots.

Think that’s cool? Well, then you’ll probably be excited about the Epicocity crew’s current expedition as well. They just kicked off their River of Doubt expedition in Brazil. Amazonian jungle + remote river + huge fish = awesome expedition that you can follow in real-time!

So that covers salmon and elephants… which brings us to turkeys. We discovered yesterday that there’s a National Turkey Federation, which sort of made our day. But despite taking part in one of the most treasured American holidays, we did not get up this morning in anticipation of Black Friday. On the contrary we believe in celebrating Buy Nothing Day. That being said, we do think your holiday dollars should go to a good cause, which is why you should definitely take part in the Kamchatka Project fundraiser raffle — there’s $400 worth of gear to win, and you have until tonight to buy tickets!

Need more good causes to support? Help fund this awesome research expedition to the Atlantic Gyre. And while you’re at it, go and vote for Under Solen co-founder Anna Brones to get sent to Copenhagen as Huffington Post’s Hopenhagen Ambassador (we recommend giving her a 10!).

Now we’re off to do some post-Thanksgiving yoga… have a great weekend!


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