We Love Technology

Here at Under Solen, we love technology. Sure many times we yearn for a simpler life of digging in the dirt and being completely out of pocket, but sometimes technology is pretty amazing…

1. It might just save the world.

As we near the Copenhagen Climate Conference, many are wondering if the world’s leaders will take the necessary, bold steps we need to save our planet. As a U.S. citizen, I am even more frustrated by our weak stance on climate action. Whatever happened to the courage and innovation that formed the United States of America? Our country was founded on those ideals and now we can’t even stand up to climate change critics who (really) believe the world is still flat. What does that say for us as a country, and a planet, if we can’t take actions that just might save the world and our lives? Especially when we have the existing technology to do it.

20 Proven Ways to Save the Earth From the Times-Online:

Tackling climate change may be daunting but it is entirely feasible using existing technology

1 Solar power

Spain is leading the way with solar power. The PS10 solar tower is already in operation near Seville, producing electricity with the aid of more than 600 large movable mirrors called heliostats. The country’s largest solar-power station, which will store heat for up to 15 hours in molten salt, is under construction in Cadiz. It will be operational in 2011. Heat-generated steam will drive a turbine that will power 25,000 homes.

2 Carbon capture and storage

Coal and waste materials are burnt in permanently-running power stations that provide electricity, heat and sometimes hydrogen. The carbon dioxide this creates is captured and sent, safely, to be disposed of in disused oil wells and aquifers. Carbon capture and storage has been practised in the North Sea by the Norwegian company Statoil since 1996. EU leaders have promised around 12 pilot projects attached to coal-fired power stations by 2020.

3 Smart meters

Home electricity is likely to be managed increa-singly by smart meters to cut wastage. The Italians are leading the way. Some 85% of households have one; there are more in Italy than in the US.


… Read the rest at Times Online.

2. It helps us stay connected with our friends… even when they’re in the Amazon.

Our friends at the Epicocity Project are bushwacking their way through the dense Brazilian jungle right now. Last night they saw the biggest rat in the world and caught a 3-foot-long catfish. Just how do we know that? Because they’re live-tweeting from their satellite phone. You would think that being deep in the heart of the Amazon would mean that we pretty much wouldn’t hear from them until they make it out… Nope. Every night the team’s SPOT satellite tracker sends us an email that says they’re A-OK and gives us their coordinates.

Last night, the team sent us a text from his sat phone. And we texted them back! Even you can track EP’s Brazil Expedition Live. It’s a bit ridiculous and at the same time totally awesome that we have the capability to be connected in such a way. Like we said, while sometimes our uber-tech world drives us crazy — today we freaking love technology.


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