Social Media: The 10 Commandments

Thanks to our friend Heidi Swift for giving us a heads up on this article!


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to social media. People seem to think that every day standards and decency get tossed out the window because of the anonymity of the Internet. Unfortunately for those people, that’s not always the case. First off, the Internet is getting smaller, and by that, I mean that it’s getting easier to find out who people are. You know how the saying goes “It’s a small world.” That reigns true for the Internet, especially social media sites, as well. Everyone is connected one way or another. There’s a whole “Six Degrees of Separation” thing going on.

There are Ten Commandments of Social Media that you should always try to follow. They will not only make you a better person but they will make your followers that much more appreciative of what you have to say.

1. Thou Shalt Not Be a Narcissist
2. Thou Shalt Listen to What Others Are Saying
3. Thou Shalt Not Spam
4. Thou Shalt Say Something of Substance
5. Thou Shalt Not Abuse Thy Neighbour
6. Thou Shalt Give Credit Where Credit is Due
7. Thou Shalt Learn How to Spell
8. Thou Shalt Use Real Words
9. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
10. Thou Shalt Not Be a Friend Whore

Read the full descriptions of the Ten Commandments of Social Media on


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