Bicycles Just Might Save The World

Yesterday we found out that “The 00s” have been the hottest decade on record and the U.S. and several other wealthy countries were caught drafting secret a climate proposal in Copehagen. After such depressing news, we decided a more uplifting post was in order.

Enter the bicycle. Living in Portland, we’re immersed in the wonder of bicycling every day. Even with the ridiculously cold weather we’ve been having, there’s no doubt Portlanders know biking is the way to go. And we’re glad to see that delegates in Copenhagen are embracing the CO2-neutral way to get around as well.

From The COP 15 Blog:

The temperature in Copenhagen is just above freezing point, yet most of the 200 free bicycles parked outside the Bella Center are already rented out.

“We want to give delegates the chance to experience the Danish way of riding bikes no matter what the weather conditions are. Actually, delegates are very happy to take the bikes to their hotels and to meetings in the city,” says Henrik Smedegaard Mortensen from Bicikeli.

Bicikeli is an initiative to lower CO2 emissions in Denmark and create access to healthcare in Africa. The organisation has provided 160 free bicycles for COP15.

After the conference the bicycles will be re-fitted with trailers and sent to Tanzania where they can be used to transport patients to health care centers.


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