Friday Faves: Snowshoeing, Chilly Pedaling + Epicocity

Commonwealth Basin, The North Cascades

It’s Friday and winter is undoubtedly here. And that has the Under Solen team stoked for some snowy adventures!

First on our list: Snowshoeing in a couple of the West’s signature winter playgrounds. Next week, Emily is hopping on a train for an epic journey to Whitefish to hit up the ski and snowshoe trails of Glacier National Park. Exploring Glacier’s backcountry and taking in the spectacular scenery with nothing but the crunch of your snowshoes is an experience that’s hard to beat.

A little closer to home, Anna has the North Cascades on her mind. She’s heading to Washington for a hut trip through Mount Rainier National Park icy wonderland.

If you love playing in the snow as much as we do, check out the Winter Wildlands Alliance. They’re working to ensure a safe, quiet, tranquil experience for every winter wildlands adventurer, now and always. We dig it.

And speaking of icy, biking in Portland this week has been brutal. With temperatures in the teens, bikers have braved the cold commute by bundling up like bandits. Check out some photos over on the Bike Portland blog.

© Adam Mills Elliot

While we’ve been layering to beat the chill, our friends at the Epicocity Project have been sweating it out in the Amazon jungle. On this expedition they made a successful descent of the River of Doubt to find and document the monster fish written about by Teddy Roosevelt in 1914, before a dam changes the ecosystem forever. But the biggest goal is to bring this story home. EP is working to raise awareness to the plight of these threatened rivers, fish species and the communities that depend upon them. These guys kick ass and we’re stoked to work with them.

Well, that’s it for this Friday. Keep up with us next week for more good stuff from Under Solen!


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