Social Media Mobilizing The Masses

The way we take action is fundamentally changing. As brands, causes and individuals incorporate social media into their marketing and advocacy campaigns, the distinction between online and offline action is getting blurry. Action is not only on the ground, but the incredible reach of social networks is being realized with movements like and social media is making it possible to mobilize the masses in an instant.

From Beth Kanter’s Blog:

It’s real time and location based social networks are also impacting advocacy.

Joe Solomon has a post over at Netsquared called “Social Media Powered Hope” and reports:

Yesterday, the first ever hashtag made it into the center of the UN climate negotiations, #WeStandwithTuvalu (a Pacific island nation) — an action that was coordinated by SMS inside the conference in Copenhagen. The Facebook community has thrown their weight behind the Maldives President by leaving comments on his Facebook page. This wasn’t just an online petition, it was a new form of solidarity. Last week, a young climate leader inspired real people to light real candles of hope through a YouTube video.

Joe wants us all to show world leaders that the wired world means one that is more educated, connected, and actionable. The call to action:

Will you spread this Facebook postcard by clicking here — and then click “Share.”

Then click here to start a Vigil this weekend — and add it to the global map of thousands (<- there may already be one!)


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