Damn Those Pants Are MountainSexual!

We love our Mountain Khakis, and we have always thought the rugged, toughness has made them uber hawt, but now the Urban Dictionary has made it official — these pants are MountainSexual.


It’s no new news to the folks at Mountain Khakis® that their premier collection of hips-down apparel has an air of sex appeal. So when Urban Dictionary, the ever-popular user-created slang dictionary, touted Mountain Khakis® as a prime example of the term MountainSexual, the folks at MK weren’t surprised…

Per Urban Dictionary’s definition, “Similar to metrosexual but one who lives in the mountains or otherwise pursues the outdoors adventure lifestyle. Kind of a cleaned-up granola, a Woodsy GQ kinda guy with a splash of bohemian. Knows that he doesn’t have to look or smell like a dirtbag to enjoy climbing, hiking, cycling, skiing (all forms), snowshoeing, etc. Probably reads Men’s Journal, Outside, Outside’s Go, National Geographic Adventure, even Wallpaper* and Dwell. Brands: Patagonia, Keen, Kuhl, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Mountain Khakis. Strong environmental ethic. Drives a well-maintained truck, performance SUV, or cross-over when absolutely necessary but walks or rides a bicycle whenever possible. Works out gym but primarily to be in shape for outdoor pursuits. Shuns chain stores and shops in outdoor specialty stores such as The Trailhead in Buena Vista, Colorado. ‘For such an outdoorsy guy, that dude sure has great style.’”

To see the entire collection of MountainSexual Mountain Khakis® go to www.mountainkhakis.com


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