Thoughts for 2010: Out With the Old, in With the New… Media That Is

As 2009 and draws to a close, we’re getting excited about what’s in store for next year. We can’t believe we only launched back in November! It’s been a very busy two months, and we’re hoping that energy takes us right on through 2010. So what wisdom are we taking with us? Just a few thoughts that should hep clear our minds and keep us creative and cutting-edge.

1. Social media is here to stay, but change is on the way. In the last year we’ve seen all forms of social media take off at tremendous speeds, and don’t think that speed is anywhere near slowing down, but it might be changing direction. We’ve been reading up on social media predictions for 2010, and there are some great articles including Six Social Media Predictions for 2010 on and Social Media Experts Make Their Predictions for 2010 on Mashable. We certainly agree with Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group “Social media in 2010 will cease being the shiny new object and instead become part of the everyday lexicon of business.”

2. New media will continue evolving and help people inspired to create positive change. The internet has allowed people around the world to share their stories, photos, videos and build communities with others that are excited about their cause. This isn’t going away for 2010, and we’re betting that new media is going to become an even stronger vehicle for positive change. That’s why we’ll be doing many more features for our Profiles series, so that you can learn who’s making a difference in the world of new media and how they’re doing it.

3. Social media is still not a replacement for real relationships and networks. We love our social networks, but we love face-to-face time even more. In 2010 we’re committing to doing more things in person, getting active on the ground, talking on the phone and maintaining relationships by sending meaningful emails instead of quick updates. Keep up your personal relationships; real coffee breaks with friends are better than virtual ones.

Now we’re off to pour ourselves a glass of bubbly and ring in what we hope will be our best year yet. We hope you do the same – Happy New Year!


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