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Are You An Outdoor Influencer?

Our friend James Edward Mills of The Joy Trip Project is on the hunt for the “inluencer’s” among us. Do you have a blog? Are you on Facebook or Twitter? After a muddy trail run, or an epic paddle down your favorite river, do you share your adventure via your social media channels? If that sounds familiar — James is looking for you!

From The Joy Trip Project:

The social media mainstream is a force to recon with. In a crashing wave of millions individuals are making their opinions known around the world. Using Internet-ready smartphones, laptops and other web surfing devices Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, Flickrphiles, Podcasters and YouTubers set the course of the info-stream even while they’re navigating it. With clever ideas expressed in less than 140 characters or lengthy web log commentaries these jacked-in data hawks are moving the flow of conversation to new and exciting places. The best and brightest among them are the influencers, those individuals whose content is thoughtful, compelling and worth passing along to others

It’s these influencers that I follow to keep up to speed on what’s going on in the world outdoors. Even though they’re fully wired, outdoor influencers can put their gizmos down long enough to get outside for a long trail run, a mountain bike ride, a few telemark turns or even just a dogwalk to the local farmer’s market. When they come back they post their experiences to share with others and fuel the conversation. And now as a new media analyst for Channel Signal I’m looking to connect with as many outdoor influencers as I can. I know quite a few, but I aim to find more, many, many more.

Are you an influencer? Or do you know someone who fits the bill? If so, drop James a line and write to info@joytripproject.com. Now back to tweeting!


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