We are global citizens, we are athletes, we are advocates and we believe in the power of social media to create positive change. We provide dynamic, cutting-edge social media and marketing strategies and development for the outdoor and nonprofit worlds in an interactive format that engages individuals and businesses.

At Under Solen, we do things differently and we believe in people who are passionate about their causes — be they businesses, advocates or adventurers.

What we do:
• Connect brands, causes and adventurers
• Create positive brand alignment with causes and ambassadors
• Consult on all forms of social media, including blogging, micro-blogging, Facebook, Twitter and viral campaigns, done from an informed and fresh perspective
• Develop content for brands to use within social network channels
• Fill a niche within the outdoor and nonprofit communities, structuring social marketing campaigns to harness the power of Web 2.0
• Organize and promote events and fundraisers

Who we work with:
• Environmental and social nonprofits
• Outdoor industry brands
• Adventurers and expedition teams with an activist message
• PR firms
• Media outlets

You can learn more on our website.


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