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Matador Network Interviews Under Solen

anna and emily

A big thanks to Matador Network who took the time to interview us and gave us a nice write up over on Matador Pulse.

An excerpt:

Matador: No one starts a business in a recession. Are you nuts?

Emily: Honestly, we didn’t think twice about taking the leap. Some people say that the people we work with are nuts — paddling first-descents on the most remote and dangerous rivers of the world, traveling for months in search of the perfect photo, or going head-to-head with the U.S. government to remove dams…. Well, we’re just proud to call these folks our partners.

We have an amazing group of folks who encouraged us from the very beginning. And we have the connections, energy and passion to succeed and we think that is exactly what is needed to jumpstart a flagging economy. How could we not dive in?

Read the whole interview here.

**and maybe someday we’ll learn to take a normal photo 🙂


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