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Why Working at Under Solen is Fun

Because things like this are tweeted on a regular basis:

emilynuchols: As your social media advisor, I highly recommend using #nipplelock 😉 RT @epicwheelworks: @undersolen for the nipple lock. works like magic.

[Note: Epic Wheel Works is a fabulous woman-owned wheel building company based right here in Portland that we’re working with. We think Jude is a rockstar!]


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Design + Safety + Fun = Nutcase Helmets


Everyone needs a little color to brighten their Monday, so we thought we’d share some of the great designs from our friends at Nutcase, supporters of all kinds of cool activities including roller derby, bike film festivals and any kind of programs that gets kids outdoors. Definitely much more than your average helmet company!

nutcase designs

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Matador Network Interviews Under Solen

anna and emily

A big thanks to Matador Network who took the time to interview us and gave us a nice write up over on Matador Pulse.

An excerpt:

Matador: No one starts a business in a recession. Are you nuts?

Emily: Honestly, we didn’t think twice about taking the leap. Some people say that the people we work with are nuts — paddling first-descents on the most remote and dangerous rivers of the world, traveling for months in search of the perfect photo, or going head-to-head with the U.S. government to remove dams…. Well, we’re just proud to call these folks our partners.

We have an amazing group of folks who encouraged us from the very beginning. And we have the connections, energy and passion to succeed and we think that is exactly what is needed to jumpstart a flagging economy. How could we not dive in?

Read the whole interview here.

**and maybe someday we’ll learn to take a normal photo 🙂

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Giving Snake River Salmon The Freedom to Roam

Snake River salmon are pretty bad-ass, especially Idaho’s iconic “red fish”. Consider this: Snake River sockeye swim more than 900 miles inland and climb more than 6,500 feet to their mountains spawning grounds in the Sawtooths of Idaho. That’s a pretty epic journey in itself, but throw in the fact that they tackle eight dams on top of that, and that’s pretty incredible. These fish are nothing, if not survivors.

Check out this amazing video from Save Our Wild Salmon and Patagonia’s Freedom to Roam campaign:

PHOTO: © Brandon Cole

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Vote for Explorer Trip Jennings to Save Elephants From the Ivory Trade


Epicocity Team member and National Geographic Explorer Trip Jennings is going head to head with fellow explorer, Ben Horton, to compete for funding to venture to the Democratic Republic of Congo to save elephants from illegal poaching. The National Geographic Channel is featuring videos from each explorer about his expedition on-air and online, and it’s up to viewers to choose which explorer should have his Expedition Granted. National Geographic will award the explorer with the most votes funding for their expedition next year.

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