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Looking for the Under Solen blog? We’ve moved!

That’s right! You can now find the Under Solen blog on our new and improved website! Just click here. Lots of fresh original content on new media, the outdoor world and beyond… all with the taste of Under Solen sass that you’ve come to love.


The Under Solen Team


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If Our Grandfathers Had Talked About Social Media…

A little Wednesday social media humor for you!

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Utah Is Beautiful

Especially with snow… we couldn’t have asked for a better kick off to Winter Outdoor Retailer. Now here we go!

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Businesses Step Up To Help Haiti

Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

An earthquake, registering 7.0 on the Richter Scale, rocked the island of Haiti last week. Within 24 hours of the disaster, aid organizations, individuals and businesses responded in full force. And now, a week later, the outpouring of support isn’t waning. With more than $2.5 million donated via text message to relief organizations working in Haiti, social media networks have been abuzz with news and action alerts, so we compiled a list of several businesses in our community that have stepped it up to help Haiti.

Mountain Hardwear is organizing a collection drive for tents and sleeping bags (or money to purchase the same and help with shipping) to aid the tens of thousands of displaced and injured people in Haiti. Along with clean water, food and medical supplies, temporary shelter is desperately needed. Used tents as long as they are functional, and lightweight sleeping bags are fine and of course new tents and sleeping bags from any of our outdoor industry friends would be ideal.

Oregon Wineries are donating, putting on special events to raise money and helping to spread the word via their social media channels.

ExOfficio employees sorted through customer returns, overstock and unsold inventory to supply World Concern with clothing for earthquake victims. Altogether, ExOfficio donated nine pallets or an estimated $429,000 worth of product. Four pallets will be immediately shipped to Haiti, along with food, water, and medical supplies.

Klean Kanteen donated 4,500 water bottles to be used at water treatment and desalination sites.

The Lizard Lounge in Portland, Ore. donated 10% of all profits from their January sale over the weekend to MercyCorps to help with relief efforts.

Portland Pedal Power, a company dedicated to human powered transportation of products in downtown Portland, donated all of their tips in the days following the quake to MercyCorps’ relief efforts.

This incredible response in a time of crisis is humbling, and needed. But remember, many countries like Haiti need our support on a regular basis, so let this week be your jumping off point to lead a more mindful life and give when you can to those who need it.

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Monday in Boise

This week is a crazy combination of social media presentations and Outdoor Retailer for us… Over the weekend we got to check out the fine city of Boise. Nice people + good skiing + an amazing breakfast join = a pretty great place to visit.

But while the rest of the world hunkered down and celebrated MLK day today, we parked it at Big City Coffee and prepped for the rest of the week. Fortunately good coffee and a bowl full of fruit and granola can take you far, so if you’re in Boise, be sure to check out this hopping joint, complete with over-sized baked goods and a fast wifi connection. We give it a great big Under Solen recommendation!

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Top 5 Twitter Greeting Cards

We can’t get enough of the dry humor employed by someecards, so we rounded up our top 5 favorite Twitter related ones. Perfect for those times “when you care enough to hit send.”

1. Sometimes acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step.

2. We do believe that social media has the power to make positive change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t poke fun at the idea.

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Looking Forward To More Conservation Wins In 2010

Oregon's Mount Hood Photo © John McAnulty

As we launch into 2010, many of us are planning new adventures in wild places across America. Before we get too far into the new year, here at Under Solen, we are taking a quick moment to be thankful for last year’s conservation victories that protected these places.

In 2009, Congress passed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act. In total, the landmark legislation designated 2 million acres of Wilderness, 1,100 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers and closed the 1.2-million-acre Wyoming Range to new oil and gas development. One of the big driving forces behind this victory was the outdoor industry.

Of the projects in the legislation, 13 were supported by grants from The Conservation Alliance — a group of outdoor industry companies that disburses its collective annual membership dues to grassroots environmental organizations. Their goal: to engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. Well, good on them, because last year was a huge success! Check out specific projects on on their website.

We’re stoked to play hard in these newly protected places and work even harder to keep the conservation victories coming in 2010!

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