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US National Parks Affected by Obama Administration’s Budget Cuts; Social Media Supporting Cause

According to the National Parks Conservation Association, every $1 invested in National Parks means $4 for the US economy. But the nonpartisan group said that the Obama Administration’s 2011 budget request for national parks will “barely cover costs to pay the bills, let alone restore the operational needs to serve park visitors and protect America‚Äôs wildlife and heritage for their second century.” That means not only are parks at risk, but economies that depend on them as well.

Here at Under Solen, we’re avid media consumers, and that includes newspapers, but often, some of news topics we find most interesting come to us via social networks, which is exactly how we were alerted to this budget shortfall.

Here were some of NPCA’s top retweeted posts.

Americans are visiting #nationalparks at rate not seen in years, stimulating local economies

Every $1 invested in #nationalparks means $4 for the US economy. Ask Congress to fund them

current budget reduces or eliminates nearly $100 million in #nationalparks programs

The NPCA is calling on President Obama to to keep his campaign commitment to restoring national parks, and to raise awareness about the budget shortfall, capitalizing on its social networks and spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and beyond.

“We’re using social media to spread the word as quickly as possible with our community that the President’s budget request does not reflect his campaign promise to address the national parks’ funding shortfall. National parks mean green jobs and bring real revenue to local economies. We believe there has never been a better opportunity for Congress to invest in our parks and our people than now. Our goal is to create a groundswell of support to convince our leaders to invest in the national parks. Using the internet as part of a comprehensive strategy, we can reach more people faster than ever before,” said NPCA Media Relations Manager Lindsay Bartsh.

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Sweet Big Screen Powder: Backcountry Film Festival

A little excerpt from this year’s Backcountry Film Festival. Sweet backcountry videos from well known production teams like Powderwhore and Sweetgrass. Oh, and did we mention that proceeds from the festival go to protecting beautiful winter backcountry spaces so that you can keep enjoying your seasonal human-powered adventures??

Here’s a list of tour dates so you can check it out for yourself:

  • Santa Barbara, California – January 7, 2010 – Victoria Theater
  • Talkeetna, Alaska – January 9, 2010 – (location coming soon)
  • Logan, Utah – January 22, 2010 – (location coming soon)
  • Victor, Idaho – January 28, 2010 – Wildwood Room
  • Buffalo, Wyoming – January 14, 2010 – Buffalo Theater
  • Bozeman, Montana – February 17, 2010 – Emerson Theater
  • Red Lodge, Montana – February 19, 2010 – (location coming soon)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – February 25, 2010 – The State Room

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Slackliners Ask Boulder to Ease Restrictions in Boulder Canyon and City Parks

My good friend, and slackline master, Andy Lewis is heading up a group of Boulder slackliners to lobby the city of Boulder to allow the sport in Boulder Canyon, other open space areas and city parks.

From Colorado Daily:

Local slackline enthusiasts are lobbying the city of Boulder to relax its rules and allow the sport in

A boom in popularity and a community of about 100 slackline “addicts” has meant more people practicing the sport — and drawing more attention. Earlier this month, police were called about someone slacklining — walking on a narrow, flat nylon line that’s not pulled taut — in Boulder Canyon, but the person was down by the time rangers arrived.

Larkin Carey, with the Colorado Slackline Club, said Boulder’s law against attaching anything to trees in public places generally hadn’t been enforced. Slacklining on open space, where it’s not an “approved” use, also hadn’t been an issue in the past.

But this spring, with more people slacklining and highlining — slacklining up high — police got calls and people were asked to take down the lines, Carey said.

“Since it’s fairly new, people are trying to figure out if it’s a problem,” he said. “It looks dangerous, so people take notice. But it’s actually very safe.”

To see Andy and a few of the masters in action, check out the video below of them walking the highline in Dream Canyon.

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Where Hope Resides

Join our friends at the PDX Sierra Club office for a screening of the film Where Hope Resides about the Skeena River in British Columbia and problems facing the wild salmon and people in the region. After the film, organizers will connect this issue with local fisheries issues and talk about how we can take action to protect this vital resource.

FREE beer and snacks too!

revisedposterSponsored by The Sierra Club, The Native Fish Society and Kaufmann Streamborn.

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