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Friday Faves: Salmon + Decadent Yoga + Facebook Humor

Winter in the Snake River Basin in Central Idaho. Photo courtesy Save Our Wild Salmon

The week after Outdoor Retailer is always blurry, including lots of follow-up, sleep and getting back into the groove of life. Our treatment for post-OR is to hit the mat, take some deep breaths, a sip of wine on focus on causes that move us and inspire us to do the work that we do… And a little laughter always helps too!

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How Are Women Using Social Media?

Women are harnessing the power of social media, and in a big way. In a report published by SheSpeaks, 80% of female internet users said they had become a fan of either a brand or a product on a social network. That bodes well for retailers and companies as they try to hone their focus on responsive consumer markets.

How else are women using social media? Take a look at this graph:

With almost 3/4 of women reporting that they viewed an interesting piece of news via a social network, there’s no denying that females are truly active when it comes to social media.

But there is an interesting gap here between Facebook and Twitter, with women doing more when it comes to shopping and commenting on products in the Facebook world. Being a female, I would say that I lean towards Twitter simply because it often feels less “branded;” Facebook ads are a bit too much at times. But according to the results of this study, to continue to attract and engage female users, Twitter might have to up the ante, and brands will have to think about where they want to focus their social media strategy.

How do you use social media?

[Photo: moriza]

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5 Ways NOT to Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, but with so many options of how to harness its energy, it’s sometimes hard to known just how to optimize your use of social media. Optimizing means making sure you’re not falling into social media traps. Here are five that you should stay far, far away from.

1. Money making schemes

Although big celebrities with huge Twitter followings might be drawing in some dollars thanks to advertising related tweets, when you’re trying to brand yourself, your company or your cause, these kind of updates quickly become annoying and can cause you to lose followers. Stay away from money making schemes and stick to real updates. Seriously – this stuff is worse than a telemarketer on a caffeine buzz.

2. Becoming a product RSS feed

If you’re a company that’s working on branding in the new media age, applications like Facebook and Twitter are invaluable tools, but no one wants incessant feeds of the latest product is currently on sale. Make updates provocative and interesting. What are you up to that your consumers are interested in? Who are you working with? What news article did you read this morning that got you thinking? Consumers in the social media realm want to know more about who you are and less about what you’re selling.

3. Documenting your wild nights out

Trust our friends over at Matador: the internet is not the place for your drunken escapades. That morning hangover will be even worse with a side of Tweet Regret.

4. Sharing stories that no one cares about

So you ate a burrito for lunch… cool [note the sarcasm]. However, if the burrito cart that you bought your lunch from runs on bio-diesel, uses local and organic products and makes a delicious wrap at a nice price, they’d probably appreciate you spreading the word. So tweet about the important stuff: where, what, why. That’s what people want to hear.

5. Mistaking your Facebook friends for actual friends

Facebook is an excellent networking tool, but it doesn’t replace real conversation with real people. Friend as many people as you want on Facebook, and round up a plethora of Twitter followers, but remember to keep up with your actual social life as much as your social media one.

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Why is Social Media Important?

Just watch this for the answer.

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