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Friday Faves: Social Media, Casino Parties and a Taste of Team Ridiculous

It’s Friday! We’re hoping you get to explore someplace amazing this weekend… something along the lines of the photo above.

We’ve seen some big social media initiatives this week, being used to do everything from raising awareness to helping out a friend. Pepsi went all out and launched the Refresh Project, the National Park Conservation Association turned to its social networks to talk about the latest budget shortfall and eco bloggers and green-minded folk across the internet reached out to help pay writer Derek Markham’s hospital bills.

Meanwhile, our friends over at The Kamchatka Project are planning a one-of-a-kind event to raise money for their conservation awareness trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula. If you live in the Portland area, put March 13, 2010 on your calendar. It’s going to be a night of gambling, salmon and espionage… that’s right, it’s the To Russia With Love Casino Night. Door prizes, raffle items, drinks and more! More info and tickets can be found here. Speaking of salmon, read this article and five easy tips on how to take action to save them!

We’ve also been filling our week with amazing photo essays. Thanks to Matador Network for always finding up and coming travel photographer that take amazing photos like these.

And how could we forget? The Joy Trip Project published a wrap-up piece about social media use at the recent Outdoor Retailer and our very own Emily Nuchols was quoted.

Emily adding her photo to the Keen wall at Outdoor Retailer to raise money for Haiti relief efforts

Two of the most talked about exhibitors weren’t brands but non-profit organizations, 1% For The Planet and The Conservation Alliance. With the help of key influencers who support these groups the issues of wildlife conservation and environmental conservation became top-of-mind.
“Social media makes the connection between brands, causes and adventurers clearer than ever before,” said Emily Nuchols, an industry influencer and a principle at Under Solen Media. “It’s not about who gets the most action on Twitter, it’s about who uses their social media to take action on things that matter. We believe in the power of social media to make positive change, and we believe in people who are passionate about their causes — be they businesses, advocates or adventurers.”

And what’s the best part about this Friday? We’re looking forward to some exciting things that are going to happen next week. We can’t tell you just yet, but stay tuned! In the meantime though, be sure to check out the slightly absurd site started by our good friend Dave. Team Ridiculous: We are going to awesome your socks off.

Now we’re off to do a snow dance in the hopes of inviting better skiing weather!


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Friday Faves: Salmon, Elephants and Turkeys

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hopefully you all got to enjoy the day with family and friends and plentiful amounts of good food and wine. Here at Under Solen we’re taking full advantage of eating pumpkin pie, enjoying the last of the fall colors and taking a break after a long and very busy week.

Here were some of this week’s favorites:

We kicked off the week by attending court with Save Our Wild Salmon; we’re not sure where the plan is going to go from here, but we’re hoping it incorporates a bit more science that actually benefits the fish. Speaking of saving animal species, we learned this week that our friend Trip Jennings with the Epicocity Project won a $10,000 grant to fund the Elephant Ivory Project, an expedition that will take place next fall and involve tracking elephants to identify ivory poaching hotspots.

Think that’s cool? Well, then you’ll probably be excited about the Epicocity crew’s current expedition as well. They just kicked off their River of Doubt expedition in Brazil. Amazonian jungle + remote river + huge fish = awesome expedition that you can follow in real-time!

So that covers salmon and elephants… which brings us to turkeys. We discovered yesterday that there’s a National Turkey Federation, which sort of made our day. But despite taking part in one of the most treasured American holidays, we did not get up this morning in anticipation of Black Friday. On the contrary we believe in celebrating Buy Nothing Day. That being said, we do think your holiday dollars should go to a good cause, which is why you should definitely take part in the Kamchatka Project fundraiser raffle — there’s $400 worth of gear to win, and you have until tonight to buy tickets!

Need more good causes to support? Help fund this awesome research expedition to the Atlantic Gyre. And while you’re at it, go and vote for Under Solen co-founder Anna Brones to get sent to Copenhagen as Huffington Post’s Hopenhagen Ambassador (we recommend giving her a 10!).

Now we’re off to do some post-Thanksgiving yoga… have a great weekend!

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Support Adventurous Conservation: Win Gear in Kamchatka Project Raffle

Want to support a good cause and have the chance to win some cool stuff? Then head over to Kamchatka Project’s website, where you can learn about their crazy, cool adventure to the Kamchatka Peninsula to raise awareness about salmon conservation, help fund the project AND be entered to win a Survival Kit, complete with a Nau bag, END shoes, a Primus stove and a Kamchatka t-shirt.

Here’s more info from the Kamchatka team:

Every $5 online donation to The Kamchatka Project by the end of Friday, November 27th will buy you one chance to win the Kamchatka Survival Kit. For every $35 donated, we’ll even send you a complimentary Kamchatka Project t-shirt and a bonus raffle ticket… that’s 8 chances to win and one sweet shirt for only $35!!

The best part? The Kamchatka Project is a registered non-profit organization, so every penny of your donation is tax-deductible! Entering is quick, easy and secure on our VeriSign Secured Site, and all entrants will be informed of the raffle outcome on November 30.

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Explore to Conserve: Kamchatka Project

kamchatkaWe want everyone to get to know our friends over at Kamchatka Project, an amazing educational/adventurous pursuit to raise awareness about Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. Read on, and be sure to head over to their educational resource the Schoolhouse where you can learn about conservation issues and score lots of sweet, free gear.

About Kamchatka Project:

Unless you play Risk or daydream about fly fishing, you have probably never heard of eastern Russian’s Kamchatka Peninsula- one of the last truly wild places on Earth. The volcanic, 700 mile long peninsula is a place where 1/3 of Pacific salmon spawn, a place with some of the densest brown dear populations in the world, a place with no dams, no massive extractive resource operations, less than one person per square kilometer, only one major highway, and some of the best unexplored whitewater rivers on the planet. Kamchatka, however, is no protected Eden.

In the summer of 2010, seven whitewater kayakers will embark on an expedition to explore this Siberian mountain landscape in an effort to raise public awareness of the complex relationships between the place, its people, and its fisheries.

kamchatka river

Today, oil and gas companies line up to drill wells and build pipelines in Kamchatka, illegal salmon poaching is a billion-dollar-a-year industry, and local people and politicians are desperate for any source of income capable of keeping food on often Spartan tables.

The Kamchatka Project represents a shift within the adventure community from exploration for exploration’s sake to exploration for the aid of conservation. The paddlers who are the Kamchatka Project are dedicated to this change, and have worked for more than a year to build a large network of invested individuals who believe in the ideals of the project.

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