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Friday Faves: Salmon + Decadent Yoga + Facebook Humor

Winter in the Snake River Basin in Central Idaho. Photo courtesy Save Our Wild Salmon

The week after Outdoor Retailer is always blurry, including lots of follow-up, sleep and getting back into the groove of life. Our treatment for post-OR is to hit the mat, take some deep breaths, a sip of wine on focus on causes that move us and inspire us to do the work that we do… And a little laughter always helps too!

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Saving Salmon And The Flathead

"Everything... in the photograph -- trees, bushes, all the animals and plants in the forest and the water -- contains ocean nutrients from salmon." -- Carl Safina in the LA Times. © Save Our Wild Salmon

We live in an amazing place and nothing quite drives that point home like working with people who are passionate about their causes — be they businesses, advocates or adventurers. So, we’re excited to throw our weight behind a couple of great causes: saving Snake River salmon and the Flathead. Keep reading to see what’s happening, and how you can help!

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Epicocity Project’s New Film — Flathead WILD — Premiering At Wild & Scenic

The Epicocity Project’s awesome new film — Flathead Wild — will premiere at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival at the Nevada Theater in Nevada City, Calif. Saturday, Jan. 16.

Proposed mountaintop removal mining in southeastern British Columbia, Canada is threatening one of America’s most endangered rivers and one of North America’s wildest remaining valley — The Flathead. Flathead Wild follows the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) as they descend on the Flathead River Valley, along with local conservation groups, to take breathtaking and iconic images of the threatened ecosystem. These images then act as tools for the Flathead coalition to help tip the scales in favor of protection and conservation.

Flathead Wild is also now available online. Help Epicocity spread the word by linking to the film on your blog, Facebook and Twitter and send it to your friends and family!

© Joe Riis, iLCP Flathead RAVE

“Change is inevitable, but we have the opportunity here to protect an irreplaceable wildland and natural resource. If we let the Flathead fall to mining pressures — we will never be able to bring it back,” said Ryland Nelson, the Southern Rockies program coordinator of Wildsight. “With a free-flowing, pristine river and the highest concentration of inland grizzlies in North America, the Flathead Valley is one of the most biologically important places on earth — we have to act now for our environment, wildlife and present and future generations.”

© Christina Mittermeier, iLCP Flathead RAVE
It’s up to us to save this wild place. We have to act now — not tomorrow, or a year from now — we have to take action now. Please pass this video on to your friends, family, everyone! Here’s the link: http://www.vimeo.com/7775085. Write a blog about it, post it on Facebook and Twitter. We can do it! Let’s save the Flathead!


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Snake River Salmon Do It At Altitude!

There are not many issues that people can agree on. But for 20 years, a diverse coalition of commercial, sport and recreational fishing groups, outdoor industry businesses, conservation organizations, and clean energy and taxpayer advocates have joined forces to save a icon of the American West — Snake River salmon. Osprey Packs and Save Our Wild Salmon have been best friends from the very beginning. To celebrate that partnership, they’re giving away a sweet Osprey Pack and 5 pounds of wild-caught salmon!

Check out the Do It At Altitude Blog for details:

These fish are bad ass. Snake River sockeye have the most epic migration of any salmon on Earth — swimming more than 900 miles inland and climbing nearly 7,000 feet in elevation to spawn in the rugged Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. That’s right folks — these fish do it at altitude!

So, what would you do to keep Snake River salmon spawning? Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 21, give us your best answer to that question.

How to enter:

  • Answer the question by leaving a comment on the Save Our Wild Salmon Facebook page or…
  • Tweet your answer with the hashtag #salmondoit on Twitter!

On Dec. 21, we’ll randomly choose who will win an Osprey Pack filled with 5 pounds of wild smoked salmon! Can’t get much better than that!

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Where Hope Resides

Join our friends at the PDX Sierra Club office for a screening of the film Where Hope Resides about the Skeena River in British Columbia and problems facing the wild salmon and people in the region. After the film, organizers will connect this issue with local fisheries issues and talk about how we can take action to protect this vital resource.

FREE beer and snacks too!

revisedposterSponsored by The Sierra Club, The Native Fish Society and Kaufmann Streamborn.

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Giving Snake River Salmon The Freedom to Roam


Snake River salmon are pretty bad-ass, especially Idaho’s iconic “red fish”. Consider this: Snake River sockeye swim more than 900 miles inland and climb more than 6,500 feet to their mountains spawning grounds in the Sawtooths of Idaho. That’s a pretty epic journey in itself, but throw in the fact that they tackle eight dams on top of that, and that’s pretty incredible. These fish are nothing, if not survivors.

Check out this amazing video from Save Our Wild Salmon and Patagonia’s Freedom to Roam campaign:

PHOTO: © Brandon Cole

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