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If Our Grandfathers Had Talked About Social Media…

A little Wednesday social media humor for you!


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Friday Faves: Kicking Off a New Year With Bling, Prizes and Travel

2010 is off to a rocking start, and here at Under Solen we couldn’t be happier about our first full week that involved giving away prizes and getting the word out about submitting to an amazing film festival.

We dove into some social media humor as well as facts this week. It all comes down to one important question: would you wear a Twitter bling? We’re still debating that question, but in the meantime, one of our resolutions for 2010 involves taking more time to be creative and get outside. Thankfully we managed both!

In the rest of the blogosphere, the epic trend of “Top 10” and “Best Of” themes continues. We learned about landfills (these photos will make you rethink just what you throw out), watched epic fails and dreamed about visiting hip hostels.

And we know that most of the world is suffering extremely low temperatures (we’re still wishing for snow here in Portland), so wouldn’t it be nice to win a trip to Costa Rica? Yes, we think so (check out one of our fave travel blogs Nomadic Matt for more details).

Last but not least, since we’re always dreaming of National Parks, we think this is one of the coolest things we’ve seen lately. Watch and enjoy!

Happy Friday!

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Top 5 Twitter Greeting Cards

We can’t get enough of the dry humor employed by someecards, so we rounded up our top 5 favorite Twitter related ones. Perfect for those times “when you care enough to hit send.”

1. Sometimes acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step.

2. We do believe that social media has the power to make positive change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t poke fun at the idea.

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How Are Women Using Social Media?

Women are harnessing the power of social media, and in a big way. In a report published by SheSpeaks, 80% of female internet users said they had become a fan of either a brand or a product on a social network. That bodes well for retailers and companies as they try to hone their focus on responsive consumer markets.

How else are women using social media? Take a look at this graph:

With almost 3/4 of women reporting that they viewed an interesting piece of news via a social network, there’s no denying that females are truly active when it comes to social media.

But there is an interesting gap here between Facebook and Twitter, with women doing more when it comes to shopping and commenting on products in the Facebook world. Being a female, I would say that I lean towards Twitter simply because it often feels less “branded;” Facebook ads are a bit too much at times. But according to the results of this study, to continue to attract and engage female users, Twitter might have to up the ante, and brands will have to think about where they want to focus their social media strategy.

How do you use social media?

[Photo: moriza]

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Twitter Bling

Although we do love social media, I think we’re going to stay far away from this new Twitter bling.

Then again, it just might become the latest rage… Want your own? Go here.


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This Season, Holiday Giving is Online

Bell-ringing Salvation Army volunteers are always a telltale sign of the holiday season, and although they certainly still have their place, this year holiday giving has turned to a new outlet: social media.

From The Baltimore Sun:

Organizations such as the United Way, Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are using Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to reach younger volunteers and donors.

Facebook fans of the Salvation Army can create virtual kettles on their pages and ask their friends to make donations without ever visiting a real storefront kettle. The United Way and Red Cross are tweeting their latest news of families helped and fund drives launched.

No one can yet say whether the new social media are effective ways to raise money, but that’s the goal, charities say. “We’re hoping to get this new audience, and we hope in the end there is a fundraising component with it,” said Amrit Dhillon, communications director for the United Way of Central Maryland.

But for organizations that seek out donations online via social media channels, there are plenty of success stories. Take Passports With Purpose, a campaign to raise funds to build a school in Cambodia. Having already reached their goal of $13,000 thanks to many efforts on blogs, Facebook and in the Twitter-verse, the initiative’s co-founders upped the stakes and doubled the donation goal to $26,000, which will help to cover costs like providing a school nurse and building a garden.

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What Shouldn’t You Tweet About?

Thanks to the humorous team over at The Oatmeal for putting together this amazing list of Top 10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About with hilarious visuals. We won’t post the whole list, because the full affect can only be had with the images… but we can tell you that the list includes our usual list of Twitter complaints — people tweeting about their workouts, their animals and bad twitpics — so head over and read the list here.

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